Double take wall art special

Looking twice

This is a Special Limited time offer for a wall art photograph of a wasp on a flower with a touch of double exposure.  A 14×11 stretched canvas print on hight quality canvas and ready to hang. great for the office or home. Only 10 left get them while they last.

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LINK $55.00 your choice of frames 5 days left for offer


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Thomas G Photography

Photography has the power to convey messages like no other. Whether your project requires creative images of the natural world or dynamic photos of outdoor adventure, we have the knowledge and ability to create the perfect image to convey your message. Thomas is an experienced photographer who has worked in a variety of environments; from the swamps of Florida, to photographing the wilds of the Rockies. His experience includes wildlife, landscape, travel, adventure, and conservation photography, Not to mention he is a survivalist, Bushmaster, Ordained Minister and much more. No matter how remote, challenging, buggy or muddy, he is happy to work in any environment to produce the images you need for your project. He has worked on a variety of projects. Contact him for rates and package deals.