Preview of Photo art works

Just showing some previews of works released. Hope one or more may capture you and take you to a place of Awe.


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Thomas G Photography

I am a self-taught Artist / Fine Art Photographer, living in United States.  I was raised while moving around from state to state and was one of the few that truly loved that. Got to see places and thing that most people do not get the chance.  Even after growing up I traveled for work. I did industrial construction work tell I one day found my way to this one place that just captured me. It was Beautiful and so quiet and that is were I found God, So From there I become a Minister and kept up with photography as a hobby still. Tell one day I had an accident that left me with a vision problem. I stepped down from the ministry and took my hobby full time after a few years of self teaching my self How to work with what i have and around what I can do. I never believed in letting anyone or anything say you can not do something. If you do not try you will never find out if you can or not. So now I create art and Photos to tell a story about a place and to capture that spot in time. When someone can sit there and look at an image and just get lost in it, That is when I know it's is all worth it.  As we continue to preserve and protect our natural lands, they become increasingly accessible to our growing population. While we encourage and support active participation in the enjoyment of our protected environment, we do so with the expectation that those who visit these areas will come with an understanding of the heightened need to accept a role in the stewardship of these places. By striving to create striking photographs of the places I visit, and by sharing those images with others, I hope to assist in bringing knowledge and understanding of the beauty, fragile and transitory nature we all must preserve. Thomas is a contemporary artist striving to capture the beauty in nature. His creativity and passion for adventure, results in amazing photography. Thomas hopes his photography inspires others and raises awareness about conservation to ensure future generations can enjoy nature the way it was meant to be seen. A good Photograph provokes emotion. There are no boundaries or restrictions. There are no stringent rules. Unusual angles and perspectives show that the world has many versions of reality and endless diversity to embrace. Thomas has set part of his goals to inspire others in keeping a positive attitude towards life, make them aware of the beautiful world we live in and to always reach out for their dreams. His quest to become a better photographer will never cease. He personally thinks that the learning curve is endless, and he has only himself to criticize when he feels that he is not living up to his artistic endeavors. Constantly searching for those rare magical moments when the Perfect Light embraces nature in all its glory, you can rest assured – that this is only the beginning of a long and dedicated quest to capture the breathtaking beauty of nature. ​