Photo Editing and Manipulation services

If you ar in need of photo editing, repair or photo manipulation service. Contact me.

I can do basic editing to photo manipulation starting from $5.- up.

Take your photo to the next level and make it pop. Please note i do not work with low quality photo’s. Visit my page or facebook to see works. Contact me with your details for pricing and or questions.


Photo Art Showing


Dream of the Park

park dreamGoogle photo’s

Just some photo editing of an image taken while on a hike.

Sky view wall art

Sky View

This is a HDR of the sky with the sun behind the gazebo. Was taken in south Florida in December of 2016. Great piece for the Home or office, all material is of high quality and will last for years to come. Choose the print,canvas or frame you configure it for your tastes.

Art Prints

Double take wall art special

Looking twice

This is a Special Limited time offer for a wall art photograph of a wasp on a flower with a touch of double exposure.  A 14×11 stretched canvas print on hight quality canvas and ready to hang. great for the office or home. Only 10 left get them while they last.

Click link below to learn more

LINK $55.00 your choice of frames 5 days left for offer

Double Take

Double take is a Photo wall art. This is aof a wasp on a Flower with a double exsposure. Great for the Home or office.